sustainably vegan

About Me

Hi! I’m Immy, the creator of the YouTube channel Sustainably Vegan and environmental movement, The Low Impact Movement. I’m just a regular person who loves the environment and tries their best everyday to educate not only myself but also my wonderful community. A few things I love are making my own homemade plant based milks, swimming in lakes, and reading about anything and everything. If you’re not already subscribed, head over to my Youtube and Instagram and take a look at the conversation going on over there.


My mission is help and inspire you to live as Low Impact as possible with what you have reasonably available to you. From learning how to DIY your own hair products, to shopping unpackaged and lobbying your local government to change, I want to inspire you to make a difference and find your inner sustainable warrior. Living a Low Impact lifestyle is about finding small ways to alter our behaviour over time to make a huge impact in our own individual way.





Start your Low Impact Journey today!

Actually starting your Low Impact journey can be the hardest part of any new challenge. We’re always inundated with questions like, what should I start with? What’s the most important thing I should focus on? And how can I make the biggest impact? Well i’m here to help put you on the right track. To be honest the most important thing is that you’re already thinking about it and that you’re willing to make a change in the first place. My advice is to always start with a short challenge, to test yourself and find out where you’re wasting the most. Is it disposable coffee cups? Perhaps washing a small load of laundry every couple of days? No matter what it is, a challenge can help illuminate the problems and help you focus your attention on what needs to change first.

Try the Low Impact 30 Challenge: this basically entails you living as low impact as possible and writing down every single time you create waste. However, the first two weeks are for you to live how you normally would but focusing your attention on the waste you produce. After the 2 weeks are up, I ask you to sit down and analyse your disposables, clarify what you’re wasting the most of and what will have the biggest impact if you change it. One of the most surprising things that comes up is food waste, along with leaving lights on, a lot of animal products and water waste. This puts you in a great position to choose one thing and begin to implement that change into your everyday life.

One change at a time: it’s really important not to get overwhelmed. Easy said than done hey? Well it’s true and i’ll say it over and over again, you can only do so much but as a collective we can make a huge impact through our everyday changes.

Start today.