Introduction to Plastix 2018 Campaign


Educational Campaign

The plastic we throw away in a single year could circle the earth four times. Out of the 320 million metric tonnes of new plastic mass-produced each year - almost all from oil - eight million tonnes leak into the world’s oceans and waterways.
— Turning the Tide on Plastic, Lucy Seigle


Welcome to our first ever educational campaign. This month’s campaign is going to be focussed on Plastics and everything you need to know about this compound, and much much more.

Firstly we want to discuss why there is a need for this campaign. As you can read from the quote above, a huge percentage of manufactured plastics ends up in our oceans and waterways each year. This causes devastation to our oceans ecosystems, leaves marine life full of plastics and finds insidious ways of entering our food chain. While there is a lot of information out there about plastics, the good, the bad and the ugly, we wanted to collate the majority of that information in one place and make it a lot more easier to digest. There are tons of wonderful articles, bulletins, documentaries and books discussing the waste pandemic which we will be sighting, quoting and sharing with you, so that your education can continue long after the culmination of this campaign.


We will be discussing a wide range of topics all to do with the manufacturing of plastics, where our plastic ends up, what makes it problematic and what is means for us in the future. Of course these topics are quite broad so we will be breaking them down each week and unpacking the vital information that we think needs to be out there. Some sub-topics will include:

  • Microplastics

  • Microfibres

  • Gyres

  • Nurdles

  • Consumer vs Corporate responsibility

  • Hidden Plastics

  • The Truth About Recycling

We will also be sharing with you our resources and a comprehensive list of every book, article, bulletin etc we have read and watched. Our contributors, along with our ambassadors have been working hard to research the most important information and will be writing up 4 blog posts a week discussing the intricacies of our plastic world. We will also be posting everyday on Instagram with our favourite quotes, books, articles and nuggets of information so make sure to go follow us on @lowimpactmovement.

Thank you for all taking part and engaging with our campaign! We look forward to hearing from you what you’ve been able to learn and how you have paid it forward.

Low Impact Movement xx


The next blog post will describe the different plastic compounds that are found in everyday life, and will discuss the UK recycling information attached to those materials.




Immy is the creator of the YouTube channel Sustainably Vegan and the founder of the Low Impact Movement. Immy has dedicated her life to fighting the waste pandemic through online activism including social media campaigns, and personal waste reduction tips.

YouTube: Sustainably Vegan

Instagram: @sustainably_vegan

Imogen Lucas