6 Minimalist Habits to Reduce Your Waste!

Reducing your waste is all about changing the way you lead your life, ditching old habits and replacing them with better ones is a great place to start. Minimalism intersects nicely with Low Impact living, as it encourages us to consume less and far more consciously. So taking a closer look at our habits we are able to reevaluate which ones are serving us well, and those that are simply allowing us to continue wasting at an alarming rate.



So much food goes to waste because she shove it to the back of our cupboards and we forget about it. Or we buy ingredients for a special recipe that we only use once. So what we like to do every month is to go through and declutter them. Go through the cupboard and see what has been in there for a while and try and research some recipes that may help us beat the clutter and prevent food from going to waste. By doing this on a monthly basis it allows you to limit the amount of food build up in your cupboards, and encourages you to only repurchase food you know you will eat.


So again along the food waste lines, I go through my freezer at least once a month just to make sure that food isn't being forgotten. A helpful tip is to write on the lid of your container the date on which you place it in the freezer. This helps you to keep track of how longs have been sitting in there, and also gives you a clear indiction of what is and isn't getting eaten.


For me this really adds value to your wardrobe, and prevents you from buying new clothes if you do genuinely value what you already have. I like to go through my wardrobe and make sure, that yes i’m still wearing these things, and yes I still love these things. And if not, I’m going to donate them, recycle them or find a way to give them to someone else. If i’m not valuing those items of clothing, then I am more likely to let them sit in my cupboard and instead go and buy something new, because I feel this sense that I have nothing to wear and I need to get acquire a different item. If I do value my items, then I am far less likely to go and buy something new, and so by taking stock of your wardrobe monthly you can ensure you always love everything you have.



I don’t buy things that often so when I do I like to question whether I really need this item. This helps to prevent bringing clutter into my home, but it also prevents me from buying and wasting a new item that I don’t really need. I ask myself these questions: Do I really need this item? Is there an actual necessity for me to buy this new item? How much value will this item truly bring into my life? How much worse off would I be if I didn’t buy this item? By asking myself these questions, it really helps to prevent me from buying impulse purchases and also just minimising my waste and decluttering my home, because I am not bringing in items that will be undervalued.


I am a plant based eater and tend to eat a lot of legumes, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to simplifying and minimising my eating habits it means it has become much easier to buy all the foods I want to eat, unpackaged. Living in London it is of course far easier to get unpackaged foods, but there used to be a lot of foods that I ate which came in packaging. Simplifying my meals enabled me to change my taste buds and essentially enjoy simple foods far more as I haven’t bombarded them with a crazy amount of additional flavourings. Therefore this change has enabled me to prevent so much packaging from entering my home, and therefore reducing my waste.


This may sound a bit weird but for me personally it has helped dramatically to reduce my waste. I used to be a terrible shopaholic and would have the apps for several fast fashion brands and Amazon etc on my phone, which caused me to buy impulse items and many things that I didn’t need. By going through my phone and deleting these apps, it took away both the temptation to buy and also the trigger to mindlessly scroll through things I didn’t even know I wanted. By removing the apps you are reducing your desire for things because you are not reminded of the possibilities every time you look at your phone. This in turn helps you to reduce your waste as you will be lowering your impact by not purchasing unnecessary new items.




Immy is the creator of the YouTube channel Sustainably Vegan and the founder of the Low Impact Movement. Immy has dedicated her life to fighting the waste pandemic through online activism including social media campaigns, and personal waste reduction tips.

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