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Plastix 2018 is a new campaign we are running over here on the Low Impact Movement. Following the success of the Low Impact 30 challenge in May, we decided to run a campaign that focussed on education. There is so much information out there on plastics, but how much of it do we really understand? And how much of it have we really absorbed. Our mission for this campaign is to lay out easy manageable chunks of information that help you to better understand the fundamentals of plastics.

Not only will we be posting on instagram everyday, but also writing weekly articles on each topic and sending out a round up newsletter each week to those who have subscribed! We want to make the information as widely available as possible because education is the key to understanding the realities of the problem. The waste pandemic is out of control and one of the contributing factors is plastic compounds.

We are really excited about this campaign and hope you are too!



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