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Low Impact Living.


Low Impact Living

The purpose of this page is to cover all things Low Impact and help you with easy to implement tips and tricks. Lowering your impact starts with manageable changes that we can work on to become habits. One by one these small changes begin to alter our behaviour (in a good way) to form a new arm of sustainability in our lives. Through our actions we can inspire others by simply leading by example, in a non-judgmental and kind way. Kindness is at the heart of the Low Impact movement, and therefore I urge you to be both kind to others but also to yourselves on this journey. It simply isn’t possible to do all the good that the world needs, but by starting small we can create a ripple effect and slowly turn the wheels in motion for more change to come.

In this section: I felt that it was really important to include lots of different DIY’s as well as recipes from scratch and on the go tips. Waste is absolutely everywhere, so even if we can’t avoid it it’s definitely important to be aware of how and when it can present itself.

How to start: starting is arguably the hardest part so I have outlined a handy challenge that I ask my community to do every year, the Low Impact 30 Challenge! It’s designed to be incredibly simple and aid you in taking those first steps in becoming more sustainable.

Next Steps

If you’re a seasoned Low Impacter you may not want to take the challenge, however I do feel it can still be helpful to those who are several months or years into their journey. In fact I still participate every year because it helps me to refocus and get back on track if I need it! However, after the challenge, or if you’re simply looking for some more tips, below are lots of ways you can begin or continue to extend your impact. I cover DIY’s as mentioned above from the bathroom to the kitchen to anything else I can think of. I also go into depth on how to bulk buy, or do your best with the resources you have available to you. We will also have lots of new blog posts coming up on different topics and interviews with amazing small businesses, activists and low impacters. Please shoot me an email if there is a particular business you’d like interviewed, DIY you’d like explained or anything else!

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