My Favourite On the Go Items



There are many misconceptions when you decide to go ‘Low Impact’ or even just start your journey down the sustainable route. The biggest one is that you need to be buy lots of fancy new items, otherwise it would be impossible for you to reduce your waste. This is simply not true and in actual fact defeats the whole point of living a low impact lifestyle.

Of course some of my favourite on the go items are ones that I bought, but a lot of them are actually things I have been able to reuse. Namely some of my bulk cotton bags. My mum has been using her own bags for years and has such a wonderful collection of them stored in the cupboard ready to be used. She had a couple that she wasn’t using very often and so let me have them instead of purchasing a new set. Its so small and lightweight that I carry it with me wherever I go in case I want to pick something up on the way home.


So of course as already mentioned I carry a reusable bag. There are however so many things you could bring with you, so deciding what is most important and relevant to you is key. I know myself and my habits so for me it isn’t too tricky to decide. The first question you need to ask yourself is, how well do you know yourself? Thinking about the answer to that question, write down a few of your habits that you know create waste when you’re on the go.

For me, I’m a sucker for food and I am ALWAYS hungry. So without a doubt I carry with me a fork and spoon from my kitchen. I thought a lot about buying a to-go set but realised it was ridiculous considering I had a whole kitchen draw dedicated to eating instruments…



Again I know I’m a coffee addict and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to resist a coffee while i’m out. So to combat wasting a disposable cup I bring my own reusable one instead. This is one of the first items I bought when beginning my low impact lifestyle and while I don’t think you necessarily need one this has definitely been a life saver for me. If you don’t want to buy a new one you can always look for one second hand, or reuse something you already have like a glass jar. If you already have a water bottle that is double insulated then that would also do the trick perfectly.


I rarely carry one of these with me now, but when I know I’m going to be eating at a place where they use disposables I always bring one. I haven’t had a problem yet with using my own container, I just try to be confident and ask kindly. Again there’s no need to buy a new fancy metal one if you have a food container at home that seems to be a good size! Reuse reuse reuse until you can’t reuse anymore.

Everyone is different so it’s important you figure out what works for you and what you need on a daily basis. Check your cupboards first before buying anything new and you’ll end up reducing your waste and saving more money than you thought.

Imogen Lucas